How To Exercise Your Mind

Whether your goal is to get your brain as sharp as it used to be or to keep it at its current strength, exercising your brain is as important as exercising your body. We may believe that we can only lose muscle over time, but the truth is, our minds can also atrophy. As people age, the cognitive reserve of the brain loses its ability to recuperate after any neurological damage. This can cause memory loss and make it difficult to perform previously mastered mental tasks. Following a mind-healthy lifestyle and doing brain exercises on a regular basis can increase the cognitive reserve in the brain. Here are some ways to exercise your mind.

Enhance Your Thinking Skills

Reading is a wonderful basic way to enhance your thinking skills. Reading books, newspapers, or magazines on a regular basis will keep your brain active and let you broaden your vocabulary. In addition to reading, try writing something that someone else may find interesting to read. Both creative writing and writing up reports or articles can give the brain a great work out.

Another great way to open up new pathways in the brain and get it working on overdrive is to learn a new language. This not only lets you exercise the part of your mind that stores information, it also helps you to increase your own language skills.

Turn off the television and post-problem solve. Television puts your brain on autopilot by telling it what to think. Rather than letting the television do the thinking for you, turn it off and start to think of different ways to solve problems that have already been rectified. Be creative and explore the consequences of handling situations in different ways. If you really need to try to relax and watch television, watch educational programs or programs that make you think and interact a bit with the story.

Play Mind Games

Playing games that make you think, such as crosswords or Sodoku, help keep your brain active. Large and complex puzzles are able to give your brain a strong and intense workout. Larger puzzles can take a significant amount of time to complete, but they are worth the effort in brain activity. Finding small puzzles you can do while killing time in line is also a great way to exercise your mind.

Chess is one game that is especially helpful for brain exercising. Its need for strategy, as well as being a tactical game, add benefit to the enjoyment of playing. Video games can also help your brain work to problem solve and think quickly.

Challenge Yourself

Do something simple such as trying to write with your non-dominant hand, or something more complex such as learning how to use an instrument. As long as you are forcing your brain to do something it is not used to, it is creating a great exercise. When your brain is not on auto-pilot and you are challenging it to do something new, it will start to learn new tricks and get stronger. Another challenging thing to do is to mess around with a Rubik’s Cube. This involves both gross motor skills as well as fine motor skills. It also requires the brain to think of sequences and identification, which both help keep your brain in great shape.


Talking about challenging topics that you are familiar with is a good brain workout. Being around people who share interests with you will help you bounce ideas off of each other and maybe think about something you are interested in in a different light. It is beneficial to keep your mind on top of your interests, so they do not get stagnant. Keep learning about a certain topic a lifelong activity by taking a class or joining a club in an area of interest.

Supplement Your Diet With Natural Brain Boosters
Taking a natural supplement like Alpha Levo IQ will boost your cognitive ability within a few weeks of starting the regiment. Be sure to monitor your dosage and consult a doctor before changing your diet and exercise or starting any new vitamins or mineral usage.

Stay Healthy
will help to keep your brain as well as your body healthy. Exercise can keep oxygen flowing to your brain and a healthy diet with protein and omega-3 fatty acids will keep your brain fed. Playing sports is a great way to keep your body healthy while learning coordination.


Get Plenty Of Rest
It is also important to get sufficient sleep. Sleep plays a very important role in brain health and acts as a recuperating time for the mind. Getting a full nights sleep lets the brain restore itself after a long day and flush out any harmful toxins.

Avoid monotonous routines like driving the same route every day to keep your mind guessing. Brain atrophy occurs when you are not using it enough, so make sure to do activities every day that make you think, rather than run on autopilot all week.