The Key To Simply Feeling Young

As you get older why does your body tend to feel like your youth is drifting away? Does it really have to be that way? Is it possible to wake up and feel the same energy and youth you felt when you were younger? There are ways to feel youthful again even if the years are starting to take a toll on your body.

One way to feel a younger version of you is to get adequate amount of sleep. Believe it or not going to bed earlier can help your body to have more time to restore itself after a long day. A regular sleep schedule can help your mind and body feel younger instead of drained out before the day is even over. First step is for 6 weeks make sure to get in 8 hours of sleep through the night. Once you follow this routine for 6 weeks you should feel the difference throughout the day. Also doing this should increase the likelihood of your mind and body feeling youthful.

Besides adjusting your sleep schedule to feel young you can also alter the food that you are eating throughout the day. When beginning to eat a meal start by eating a vegetable or some type of fruit then proceed with your meal. Also make sure to start the habit of drinking a full glass of water every meal. Adding lots of fruits and vegetables in your daily life should begin to make you feel youthful and refreshed. Now that you’re eating healthy that does not mean you can’t eat some dessert. It is suggested that if you intake at least 90% healthy eating choices throughout the day then a little dessert will not jeopardize your mind, body, and soul feeling youthful. Give yourself a little break and relive that feeling when having dessert as a child was one of the most memorable and enjoyable parts of your day. That childhood feeling and memory will only push forth your inner young self.


At home or at the gym take on some weight training. You would be surprised how some proper weight training can really make you feel rejuvenated and full of energy. Weight training if done properly can make your mind and body feel younger by several years. This type of training helps to gradually build microtears in your muscles. As a result the buildup of microtears will lead to thicker and stronger fibers in the body’s muscles. Continuing to strengthen the muscles in your body decreases the chances of your body being more susceptible to injuries. Also weight training can help your body to build great stamina. Therefore you can stop feeling worn out and run down because your mind, body, and soul will feel younger at heart.

Having a beneficial sleeping routine, eating health, and building some muscle strength are all great suggestions but don’t forget simplicity. Something simple as pampering yourself a little or mixing up the routine of your day can really keep your mind and body feeling youthful and intrigued. For instance once in a while change your everyday look. Color your hair. Go daring with your makeup. Take a day to really pamper yourself. Sometimes feeling young is just one spa day away. Even taking the time to doll your outer appearance up can build your confidence. You can once again feel youthful and bold rather than feeling your appearance is worn down and hitting its low point at old age. As for mixing up your day it is important sometimes to steer away from your normal routine. Let’s face it doing the same thing day in and day out overtime can be draining and really boring. Combining the feeling of boring and draining is not going to get you any closer to feeling younger. So make sure to once and awhile stimulate the youthful side of your mind, body, and soul by doing little things out of the norm.

Overall, it is very important to radiate feeling young and not let your age define you. So do your body a favor and take the time to follow these suggestions to feel completely youthful and energetic.